In our state’s history, we’ve had over 2,500 film and tv series shot in Louisiana. That is advertising for our state that doesn’t disappear overnight and helps impact tourism, among other industries. The latest report by the Lt. Governor’s office reflects this, supporting up to $2.5 billion in annual tourism revenue that can be attributed to our industry. In addition, the industry delivered nearly $2 billion in sales to Louisiana businesses, nearly $1 billion in earnings for residents and supported close to 10,000 jobs over the past two years.

We are poised for greatness as a state with the entertainment industry. Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Disney, HBO Max, Paramount and others are household names who are looking to publish more and more content than ever. These same names have all started to shoot productions here and are looking to increase their commitment to content over the coming years.

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Louisiana Film Facts

The media and mediums we all grew up with continues to evolve and as it does, Louisiana is poised to capture and produce that content. We are in the greatest glut of content waiting to be produced EVER.

During Covid-19, the film and television industry implemented some of the safest work protocols of any industry across the country. Our safety protocols allowed our industry to return to work quickly and responsibly putting Louisianians to work and providing small businesses across the state with needed revenue. It’s a Louisiana rebound we are proud to play a critical part in.

We have a balanced program that remains competitive and fiscally responsible to the state. That last part isn’t mentioned often by the media. Neither is the fact that all of the payroll for residents, spending on productions in local communities across the state and the ripple effects of that spending stays here at home.

We are the only industry that reports to the legislature every two years to update on our progress. The only one.

Over $150 million has been spent over the last decade by Louisiana investors on just infrastructure alone.

$700 MILLION 10,000 JOBS

Our industry delivered $700 million in earnings for Louisiana residents over the past two years, supporting nearly 10,000 jobs.


Close to $1 Billion in sales to Louisiana businesses per year in both 2019 and 2020.

In 2020, for every dollar of credits certified, it resulted in an additional $6.12 in sales to local businesses and $2.25 in earnings to Louisiana residents!

According to the most recent report from the Lt. Governor’s office, up to $2.5 BILLION in annual tourism revenue may be attributed to the film industry.


In addition, the same report showed that approximately half of recent visitors to the state indicated that a movie, film or TV show was a motivator for choosing to visit our great state.