We are the Louisiana Film Industry

We Create

A diverse, environmentally-friendly industry, film supports 10,000 jobs statewide. It also creates jobs in other industries that provide equipment, raw materials, locations, food, warehouse space, and scenery supplies like furniture, props, art, clothing, show cars, and more.

We are Educators

Louisiana’s Entertainment Development Fund has awarded over $3.9 MILLION to higher education and workforce development across the state.


According to a recent study from the Lieutenant Governor’s office, nearly HALF of visitors indicated that film or TV created in Louisiana was a motivator to visit. Start your journey today on the Louisiana Film Trail!

We Cultivate

We build infrastructure. We support local businesses. We give back to our communities.

$260 Million in Infrastructure

has been invested in Hollywood South’s infrastructure here in the past decade.

Around the State

survey says...

“We’ve had 5 or 6 films and commercials at our house. You can’t beat it. All of the money goes to maintenance of the property and into our local community. After Hurricane Ida, we were able to put $75K of revenue from film work through local contractors for repairs. We would not be able to maintain this house without the income from the film industry. Whenever a film comes through, they make a concerted effort to hire local and funnel extra revenue into the community.”

Louisiana Proud

86% of Louisiana residents statewide say that film and television shows shot in Louisiana benefit the state.

Building the next generation

89% of Louisiana residents favor our colleges and universities expanding film and digital media curriculums.

Putting down roots

68% of Louisiana residents support the Louisiana film incentives, and 71% favor incentives to help develop business.